house painting eaves

Uh-oh, paint’s peeling on the exterior of the house? Some home maintenance and repair projects can be delayed, but if your house is starting to look like a paper tree with flakes and bits peeling off, it’s time to look for a professional to paint the exterior. Not only is cracking and peeling paint an eyesore in the neighborhood, but depending on the type of paint and the age of the home it could be a health and safety issue. This is especially true for children and animals that may come into contact with the paint chips that could potentially contain lead from when there was lead in paint.

A professional exterior painting company has the experience and equipment to prepare the surface of the home to receive paint and to get rid of all those flakes, chips and cracks. They can also advise you on the best type of paint to use for your location, budget and the condition of your home’s exterior.


Look for a Licensed and Insured Painter

Painting the exterior of your home is a big job and everybody on the block is going to see the results—literally! Look for a licensed and insured painter who specializes in painting home exteriors (not just in painting interior walls). Ask to see the license, check to be sure it is current and also check the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Many consumers register complaints with the BBB when they go unresolved, so it is worth checking into the company before you hire them for such a large and important job.



Timing is very important when looking to paint the exterior of your home. Depending on where you live, certain weather conditions (such as snow, rain) are not ideal for painting outside. If you know your home’s exterior will need to be painted soon, especially if it will be in preparation for a home sale, be sure to start looking for an exterior painting company very early.


One Stop Shop

Unlike interior painting, it is more common for exterior painting to involve more extensive surface preparation due to weathered paint conditions and for the company to uncover areas needing repair to the actual home materials due to wood rot. Before choosing a company, ask if they have a carpenter on staff or a close working relationship with someone who can make repairs before the exterior is freshly painted. A “one stop shop” can be helpful when you need the job done quickly.


Quality vs. Price

There are many choices available to consumers for attractive looking exterior paint colors, but new technology also allows some high-end paints to last much longer and be more durable. Paints sometimes have special abilities such as self-leveling or drip resistance that make the finished product look better. Like many home projects, you will want to look at and make decisions between the quality and brand of the paint selected for the project and the price that you can afford to pay.