If you need house painting in Gilbert, do it the easy way. What’s the easy way you ask?

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Hire a Gilbert Painter: Don’t Do It Yourself

Before you start, we know what you are going to say. Hiring a house painter in Gilbert is expensive. I shopped around, and can buy paint for fairly cheap, practically wholesale over at my local hardware store. I can get the rollers and the brushes at a dollar store, the same with the pans. I figured it out. I can paint my whole house for $80. Why should I pay some guy in paint-splattered carpenter jeans to paint my house beige? I will do it all on my own. Great. Except here are a few things to think about. The paint you bought, is it for interior painting or exterior painting? What are you painting? If you pick paint for interior painting and use it on the outside of your home, you’re going to see a lot of defects such as flaking, bubbles, pits, etc. Speaking of which, did you remember to include primer in your bold attempt to paint your home yourself? Hot about prepping the surface to remove any blemishes in the wood, nails, or rotten wood? Do you have a ladder? How about a scaffold? How about a crew of people to get your house painting done quickly? How many coats of paint will you need for your job? And these are just some of the questions you’re going to have to have answers for before you even crack open one of your paint cans. Even with that said, there are more pieces of information you should be aware of.
Make Sure You Get Your HOA on Board With a Licensed Painter

If you live anywhere in the Valley, but particularly in Gilbert, you likely have a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Love them or hate them, they are a part of buying a home. And one of the things that HOAs do is that they have rules regarding painting your home. It might sound repressive, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Most people aren’t going to paint their home fluorescent day-glo yellow, or fuchsia. Most people go for a neutral color that accents their trim, usually something in the white, beige, or tan family. How do you know that your paint is in the color choices for your HOA? However, it’s not just color choice that should make you want to hire a local painter in Gilbert. A local painter is licensed, bonded, and insured. If he makes a mistake, he’s covered against liability or property damage. If you try this yourself, and paint spatters your neighbor’s home, not only will your HOA likely fine you, your neighbor is likely to sue. So what started out as an $80 paint job is now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. How could this have been avoided? That’s simple. Hire a professional house painter in Gilbert.

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