empty white room to be painted

Little handprints all over your walls? Avocado colored bathroom depressing you? We understand; it’s time to hire a professional interior painter to freshen up the paint on the walls, but where to begin?

Whether you’re planning to paint one room or a whole house full of rooms, a professional painting company can come in and get the job done quickly, without all the fuss and hassle. Professionals not only have the experience, but also have the equipment to get the job done and keep it clean while they do it.


Professional Painting Vs. Do-It-Yourself

We’ve all seen those do-it-yourself painting jobs, with the uneven edges, bits of wall where the old paint color shows through and worse, drips on the carpet, splashes on the woodwork and brush marks on the ceiling. Hire a professional interior painting company and avoid all that.

Everybody thinks they can paint a room, until they make a mess and end up over spending on paint, supplies, tape, plastic, trays, brushes and every other thing just to attempt the job themselves. Do-it-yourself projects always look easier than they really are. Do you really want to give up a month of sunny Saturdays straining your back standing on a chair trying to reach the corners and the top of the walls without making a mess? No.


What to Look for In a Great Interior Painting Company

When hiring a professional to paint the interior of your home be sure to research the company and look at reviews and pictures of previous jobs first. It isn’t a good idea to hire a friend to paint or someone who just paints on the side to make extra money. If that paint ends up ruining your carpet or tracked on your tile floors you want to know that your home and your investment is protected. Hire a licensed and insured company.


Ask for an Estimate

Once you have a good idea of how many rooms you plan on painting, decide how much you are willing to spend on your job. Contact at least two or three interior painting companies with good reviews and plenty of information available on their professional website and ask for an estimate. It is a good idea to get more than one estimate and many companies will offer you an estimate for free. Be sure to read the details of each estimate. The lowest price is not always the best choice.


A Picture is Worth a Million Words

It can’t be stressed enough, ask for before and after pictures of previous interior painting jobs. Try to find pictures showing the same type of room you plan to have painted (i.e. bathroom, bedroom).


The Time Factor

How quickly do you need your rooms painted? Great companies are often busy companies so you want to have a timeline in mind for the job from the beginning. This can help you choose between companies which similar prices and good reputations—who can get your job done first.