Can I Use Interior Latex Paint on the Outside of My Home?

Can I use interior latex paint on the outside of my home?  How hard is to paint your house?

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How Hard Is It to Paint Your Home?

According to the article “Painting the House: Should You Hire a Pro?” by Maureen Blaney Fleitner: “Older, taller homes would be best left to a pro. Dick Seitz, Director of Communication and Training for Valspar, one of the largest global coatings manufacturers in the world, agrees. “A one-story rambler is relatively easy. A three-story Victorian with multiple dormers is a big challenge.”

Try this as a guideline: Straight exteriors on a simple, box-shaped house make for easier work. Irregularly shaped homes of two stories or more with dormers, gingerbread, or turrets, for example, tend to make for a more time-consuming and complicated project that may suggest a professional is needed.Any intricate designs? On the more ornate homes, such as those of Queen Anne style, accessibility is an issue. Ladders won’t get you into their many high nooks and crannies. Homeowners need experience and the correct equipment to be able to inspect, remedy, and paint in what can be awkward positions. If your home has delicate detailing on the first floor, decide if you are the type of person who enjoys doing detail work. If you do have the patience, a first-floor project should be right for you. Those who prefer the broad strokes might be better off leaving the detail work to a pro.

Flat or sloping ground? Seitz also suggests looking at the grade (the finished surface slant of ground ) around the house for ladder positioning. It’s a plus if all sides have flat ground up to the house. Walkouts with slopes make it difficult to safely position ladders. Also check to see if obstacles like trees, shrubs, decks, fences, vines, or electric wires will be in the way.

How much prep-work? Examine your house for potential problems that may require extensive prep work. “Wood rot, mildew, severe peeling, or alligatoring are typical siding problems,” says Seitz. “Cracked window panes, crumbling glaze, and loose caulking around trim are other issues.”” [VIEW SOURCE]

As you see, painting your home isn’t as easy as it appears at first glance.  Now for the next question: can you use interior latex paint on the outside of your home?

Don’t Use Interior Paint to Paint the Outside of Your Home

Do not use interior paint to paint the outside of your home. Exterior house paint is designed to be resistant to the elements. Interior house paint is designed with particular finishes in mind and is far less durable than exterior house paint is.

Don’t guess where painting your home is involved. Hire a local painter instead.

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