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  • What is iPaintHomes.com?

    iPaintHomes.com is an Internet based directory of independent House Painting Companies. We are in the business of marketing contractors via the Internet.

    iPaintHomes.com was created for the purpose of assisting the consumer to locate and contact a Local House Painting Company. For the House Painting Company, iPaintHomes.com is a Marketing Power Tool that allows them to effectively harness the power of the Internet.

    How does iPaintHomes.com work?

    Each contractor listed in the iPaintHomes.com directory has an exclusive listing for a specific market area or community. We only list only one House Painting Company in each community market. As a part of their agreement to be exclusively listed in the iPaintHomes.com directory, each contractor has agreed to prominently display the iPaintHomes.com domain name on their company vehicles.

    As these contractor vehicles are driven around in a local market areas, consumers are exposed to the iPaintHomes.com domain address. iPaintHomes.com is so easy to remember. It not only identifies what the company does, but most importantly how to find them any time day or night.

    Every day consumers looking for a House Painting company use the iPaintHomes.com web site to find / contact local painting professionals.

    It’s a Win – Win affair. The consumer finds and contacts a good Local House Painting company and the House Painting company gets another prospect for work.

    How do independent contractors get listed in iPaintHomes.com?

    iPaintHomes is focused on promoting House Painting companies that practice great customer service and who enjoy a good reputation with their clients, vendors and within their professional community. If your’s is this type of painting company, getting listed in iPaintHomes.com is simple, fast, easy and affordable.

    See “Get Listed” for more details

    An annual advertising fee is paid by each company listed in the iPaintHomes.com directory.

    It’s a Win – Win affair. The consumer finds and contacts a good Local House Painting company and the House Painting company gets another prospect for work.

    What Type of Screening has been done?

    The objective of the iPaintHomes.com directory is to identify and grant an exclusive listing to House Painting contractors who have conducted themselves in such a manner in that they are already locally recognized to have a good reputation and a commitment to satisfy their customers. Our screening process is limited to accomplishing that objective and no other!

    The information on this web site is provided “AS IS” without endorsement, recommendation and or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied qualifications, fitness or ability of any company or individual either directly listed in or referred to on this web site. See “TERMS OF USE”.

    Visitors to this web site are strongly encouraged to exercise their own due diligence prior to entering in to any relationship or conducting business with any individual or company represented on this web site.

    How should I use this iPaintHomes.com web site?

    As a consumer looking for a Local House Painting company, iPaintHomes.com provides an easy to remember Internet domain address where you can find a company profile and contact information of a limited exclusively listed House Painting companies. Your search is made easy due to our easy state and community navigational layout.

    How do I contact my Local House Painting company?

    The business phone number is included in the listing profile of each contractor. Simply find your local contractor and look for their phone number. Additionally you can contact directly via e-mail by clicking on the “Email this Contractor” link if included in the listing profile.

    How is iPaintHomes.com involved in the contract process?

    The iPaintHomes.com web site and/or directory is simply an advertising medium. Any relationship you select to pursue with any individual or company listed in or referred to on this web site is strictly between yourself and that individual or company. See “TERMS OF USE.”

    What if I am not satisfied with the work of a listed contractor?

    Each listed contractor has agreed to conduct themselves in accordance with the iPaintHomes.com Service Assurance Commitment. If you feel that a company that you identified and contacted via the iPaintHomes.com web site has not fulfilled this commitment toward you as a part of a formal written agreement, you can report this by sending an e-mail to poor_service@iPaintHomes.com. Be sure to include the necessary information.

    On the other hand, when you are satisfied with the work and experience of working with one of the contractors listed on the iPaintHomes.com please let us and them know by sending an e-mail to well_done@iPaintHomes.com.

    How do I refer a contractor for listing?

    • Do you know of a House Painting Company who you think needs to be listed at iPaintHomes.com. Be the first to send us a referral and if your referral gets listed within 30 days, we will send you $10 for your efforts
    • Send an e-mail to listing_referral@iPaintHomes.com and tell us why you think they need to be listed. Be sure to include all of their necessary company and contact information.
    • Call the individual and/or company that you have referred and tell them about iPaintHomes.com
    • Sit back and wait for your check! Using the e-mail address you used to send us your referral, we will notify you that you have been awarded a referral fee and will be requested to supply us with mailing instructions

    How did iPaintHomes.com get started?

    We started focusing all of our efforts on painting houses as a matter of survival” says the founder of iPaintHomes.com. After the 9-11 attacks, all commercial painting came to halt literally overnight. I had obtained the iPaintHomes.com domain almost a year earlier and started using it on my van just because I thought it was a cool name.

    I soon learned the power of using a great “vanity brand” type name. Almost every where I went people on the street and in vehicles next to me would point to the name on my van and give me the “Thumbs Up.” There is little to match the experience on having someone call you as you are driving down the street and tell you “Hey, I am behind you and saw the name on your van, and I need to get my house painted.

    Over the last few years the iPaintHomes.com name has single handedly been responsible for us getting called on hundreds of house paint jobs. The iPaintHomes.com name worked so well that we decided to shared it with a couple of other non-competing House Painting companies and they experienced similar results.

    That’s when I knew that if we properly structured it, good Local House Painters Coast-to-Coast could also use the iPaintHomes.com brand to make a real difference in the marketing of their small House Painting business.

    Our vision is simple. Find one and only one Good Local House Painting compoany in each community across the country that is willing to step up and become part of the first “National Brand” of Independently Owned House Painting companies. We will grant only one House Painting comapny in your area an exclusive listing. If you are a Good House Painting company, will it be you or will your competitor act before you?

    And as they say, “The Rest Is (will be) History!


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