Hiring a Painting Contractor: The Importance of Paint Color In and Out of Your Home (Contd.)

Picking a paint color for your home is a lot more complicated than you might think, and here’s how.

A Local Painter Will Know How to Use Paint Color Effectively | 866-802-0640
A Local Painter Will Know How to Use Paint Color Effectively | 866-802-0640

Pick a “Safe” Color for Your Home With  Your Painting Contractor’s Help

Why is picking a paint color so hard?  Well for one there are certain colors that work in some areas but not in all of them.  For example, if you live in a neighborhood that is governed by a Home Owner’s Associaton (HOA), there is probably a very narrow color palette that you can work with.  HOAs are often reviled for stamping out individuality and encouraging conformity, but in same cases they are fairly justified.  Consider if you will.  Let’s say your neighbor across the street has very garish tastes.  He decides to paint his home in bright fluorescent colors such as day-glo orange, pink, and yellow.  You would have to keep your front room’s blinds closed to keep from wincing every time you saw it.  Say what you will for neutral earth tones and whites, but as any painting contractor knows, they are staples as far as paint colors are concerned.

A painting contractor has a good eye for shade.  He will be able to see what the other homes in the neighborhood are doing as far as color and paint your home accordingly.  But it isn’t just exterior painting that he can help you with.  He can also help you pick a color for your interior painting.

Interior Painting and How to Pick the Right Color For Each Room in Your Home

Let’s say your favorite color is red, and not just any red, bright fire engine red.  You decide to paint your bedroom in this color .  It looks great, but then you find yourself experiencing a weird problem.  When you’re in the room, you have a difficult time sleeping.  Why?  Well, red has a tendency to stir neuro-muscular response.  In addition, light reflected off of a red surface also has the effect of dilating your eyes so that your mind thinks that you are getting more light.  That’s why in the air force, pilots wait in a ready room that is lit with red light.  They can go out in broad daylight or dark night and not have to wait for their eyes to adjust.  So keep the red color for entry foyers and living rooms, not a bedroom.

Darker colors can lead to depression if you’re not careful, so balance your palette with brighter hues and pastels.  All of this and more, a professional painting contractor will know.

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