Paint Your Cabinets and Banisters With a Professional Painter’s Help (Contd)

A house painter knows how to paint banisters as well as other challenging areas of your home.

Banister Painting Presents Unique Challenges

Call in a professional painter to paint your banisters | 866-802-0640
Call in a professional painter to paint your banisters | 866-802-0640

As we covered previously, while exterior paint is exposed to the elements and thus is subject to a lot of abuse, interior paint isn’t free from being abused as well. From kids coloring on walls, to walls constantly being brushed against and bumped into, interior paint has to put up with more abuse than you might realize. When you hire a painting contractor to paint the interior of your home they will prime your walls, then apply high-quality paint to them.

This approach may cost more up front, but it will result in more durable paint that will last longer and handle abuse more easily than a cheaper paint job. The point here is that if you want the paint in your home to look good for as long as possible, then invest the money in high-quality paint and a qualified professional to apply it.  This also applies to banister painting as well.

Paint Your Banisters With the Help of a Professional Painter

Banister painting differs from wall painting and it needs a special touch to be done the right way. For interior walls you can use a paint roller to cover them quickly, then use a small brush to touch up areas you missed, and to paint the edges as well. With a banister, you can’t use a paint roller, which means that it has to be done with either a sprayer or a brush. A sprayer is the better option because it means that you won’t be left with brush strokes on your banister, which can be a real eyesore. But, using a sprayer indoors on a banister is not something that just anyone can pull off. It takes skill, precision, and the ability to properly prepare the area to be painted by covering and masking off anything you don’t to end up with paint on it. In other words, it’s a lot of work, and it’s the type of work best left to a painting contractor.

The other challenge in banister painting is the fact that banisters are subject to much more wear and tear than walls in most cases. Walls aren’t meant to be touched all the time, but banisters are a handrail on a staircase, which means that people are going to be touching them and rubbing their hands on them all day long.

The next part of this article will cover this subject more in depth.  For now, just know that a professional house painter can not only help you to paint your banisters, but use the best paint as well.

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