Professional Cabinet Painting: Hire a Local Painter

One way to give your kitchen a fresh new look is to paint your kitchen cabinets.  And the best way to do it is to hire a professional painter in your area?

Paint your cabinets with the Help of a Local Painter | 866-802-0640
Paint your cabinets with the Help of a Local Painter | 866-802-0640

How Do I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets Myself

Painting your kitchen cabinets is best left in the hands of a professional. The reason is very simple. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could conceivably damage your kitchen. First off, all cabinet drawers and cabinet doors must be removed and taken out of the kitchen. If there’s anything wrong with the wood, you can damage your cabinets when you take them off your hinges, or if your home is older, the drawers can come apart if you pull them out of their trackers. Then you don’t have just cabinet painting to do. You’re looking at cabinet repair.
That’s why a professional painter is a better idea for cabinet painting. He can quickly assess what needs to be done with both the doors of your cabinets as well as the drawers, and be able to select both the right paint as well as the correct finish for your kitchen.

How Do I Know Which Paint Finish to Use on My Kitchen Cabinets?

It isn’t just the right paint that matters when you’re dealing with a cabinet painting project. You want to make sure that you pick the right finish. For kitchens and bathrooms, the best finish to use is either a semi-gloss or a gloss paint finish. Both of these finishes are stain resistant, as well as waterproof which in an area like a kitchen is important. Another plus? They’re easy to clean up and wipe down. Another reason why you want to hire a professional to paint your cabinets is the real risk of causing damage to your cabinets by using the wrong products. For example, we once had a client who read that cabinets should be treated with water-based sealer. He ended up with yellowing cabinets as a result. In another case, one of our customers didn’t keep all the hardware organized. As a result, they ended up having to replace all of their hinges and door handles because they ended up with missing pieces.

As you see, even the little mistakes can be potentially costly. A professional cabinet painter will not only make sure that your cabinets are properly prepped, but he will have a map of where every screw, and every handle goes.

Remember, while saving money is a great idea, do it the right way. Hire a professional painter to paint your cabinets.

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