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Is It Cheaper to Paint Your Home Yourself?

Every home renovation project prompts the same question: is it cheaper to paint your home yourself? At first glance it appears cheaper, but when you look at the bigger picture it isn’t.  For one, a professional painter knows all about prepping a surface for paint, and getting paint that will last for years.

While it’s generally accepted that the the perception of saving money by doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional house painter is what motivates people’s spending decisions; here’s why you should hire a house painter instead.

First off, the job is tougher than you think. It may seem relatively simple to pick up a brush and a roller and slap some paint on your house, but that is most assuredly not all there is to it.

Interior and Exterior House Painting

Painting, whether interior or exterior, requires proper techniques and best practices to look good. For example, people often don’t dip their brush or roller enough.  Instead, they try extending paint too far and not putting on a thick enough coat. While sprayers can put on a lot of paint in a hurry, they require skill to use. If a home incorporates several colors, that design feature requires more skill in “cutting in,” where the colors butt up against each other.

A good, professional house painting contractor is well-schooled on the most efficient techniques and methods to paint your home quickly and beautifully, while simultaneously protecting the surfaces you don’t want to be painted. Not to mention, painting is their full-time job. Your house is their priority. They won’t be scrambling on the weekends to get it painted like you would – they’re there to paint and make it look good.

Being able to physically handle the job is another consideration. The mind may be willing, but painting an entire house requires a certain amount of fitness. It’s physical work and requires arm and upper body strength. Climbing up and down ladders for preparation and painting also figures in.


Don’t worry about bad surprises when you hire a commercial painter. You can expect a beautifully done, professional job. Not just attractive to the eye but properly prepared, painted and finished with long term quality in mind.

A professional painter will only use paint that gives beauty and one that is durable. They use top of the line equipment tᴏ make sure the job is done right and on time. A homeowner who does not specialize in painting may not know what type of paint is better in one area and not the other. Yes, using different paints in different areas can make a difference. And so can hiring a professional painting contractor.

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