Things to Consider Before Painting Your Home Yourself

Is it time to paint your home?  It might be.  House painting needs to happen every five years for exterior painting. But with that said, do not try to paint your home yourself…

Paint is Only One Thing a House Painter Knows About Painting Your Home | 866-802-0640
Paint is Only One Thing a House Painter Knows About Painting Your Home | 866-802-0640

Hire a House Painter: Give Your Home a Facelift

A house painting project can have a lot of benefits if you’re looking to give your home a facelift, your old paint job is peeling, or you want to address weather damage. Most homeowners think that they can have a DIY paint project without the help of their local painter. This is because painting seems easy- all you need to do is apply the paint and let it dry, right?   Wrong.

You don’t want to see your paint start peeling, cracking or even have to tolerate questions from friends and family on your painted interiors. Only a professional house painter can help you avoid these situations.

There are several factors to consider before painting your own home.  Any homeowner who has attempted to paint their house by themselves will quickly tell you that it’s a hard job that can cost you if you lack the experience. One needs a lot of knowledge to handle painting a single wall, let alone a whole house. You also need to be aware of the fact that you will need different paint for the interiors as well as the exterior of your home.

Interior Painting and Exterior Painting Use Different Paint


The paint you’ll use for your house interiors isn’t the same one you’ll use for the outside of your home. Exterior painting has different attributes as compared to interior painting. For example, since the outside of your home is exposed the most it would need to do well in UV exposure, rain, windy
weather, etc. So paint used on the outside of the home would be different than that used inside and vice-versa.  Also, some cities have restrictions on what colors can be used for exterior painting.

Every professional house painter knows that the taller your home is, the more challenging it is to paint. Box shaped houses, straight exteriors, etc. are easier to work with while three story houses or homes with angled, vaulted ceilings are more challenging.   However to a professional painter, this is all in a day’s work.  If that isn’t reason enough to hire one, then there is the issue of cost.

House painting companies save tons on paint purchases because they already know what amount can suit a particular project. Your professional local painter also knows what supplies will be needed  as well.

So as you see, it’s not really a luxury.  Hiring a professional house painter is almost a necessity.



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