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  • Why iPaintHomes.com?

  • Lots of reasons. First, we bring a combination of expertise, experience, and efficiency to a painting project that an ordinary handyman or contractor simply can’t. This means we provide a better paint job in less time and with less distraction to your life. We understand having a room painted can be an inconvenience so we work to minimize the time it takes to give great results.

    Since we specialize in painting everyday, we also have access to the latest techniques; and not just painting techniques. You know what separates a good paint job from a great paint job? The preparation.

    Meet Tim the Owner

    I love what I do… and you will too! I am in my early thirties and living the “American Dream.” I started this business because of a deep desire to control my own future and I am having the time of my life. Each week, I have the opportunity to help 2 to 4 customers change their houses into beautiful homes just by adding a little color and applying a fresh coat of paint. The secret of my quick and surprising success is centered in what I call my “Happy Customer Experience” …leaving each customer smiling.

    I believe that having your home painted should be an affordable, positive and enjoyable experience! “My Happy Customer Experience” starts with your very first phone call and continues long after we have made your home beautiful. In fact, our customers are so pleased with their experience that many hire us again to paint other parts of their home and almost all of our customers tell their friends and family about us.  When it comes to have your home painted, you have a choice…

    Cheap or Affordable
    Negative Experience or Positive Experience
    Hassle or Enjoyable Experience
    Unpredictable or “Positively Predictable”
    Paint-n-Run or Always just a phone call away

    Quality preparation is key to not only getting a professional result but also to ensuring the surface will bond properly with the new paint. Cracks or holes in seams and drywall are repaired before a brush ever hits the wall, so when the new paint is applied you end up with a perfect job. Preparing the inside of your home for a paint job also has everything to do with protecting your belongings. Drop cloths, tarps and other protective measures are taken to prevent damage as needed. Taping off areas helps prevent from getting into unwanted paint into areas like air vents or on window glass.

    So when you’re ready to paint your home or office, call your iPaintHomes.com painting team. While we specialize in house painting, we're really in the customer service business.

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