Paint With Confidence: Hire a Local Painter

If you want to paint your home, hiring a local painter is the best way to proceed.

A professional painter in your area can transform your home | 866-802-0640
A professional painter in your area can transform your home | 866-802-0640

Professional Painters Are Expert in All Things Paint

You look at your home, and realize that it needs both exterior painting and interior painting done.  You want to save some money.  So you research house painting online and decide to paint your home yourself.  You decide to do your interior painting project first.  You put the paint up, and after it dries, you are instantly disappointed.  Why?  It’s because painting is more than just rollers, paint and drop cloths.  It’s all about the details.  Take a look at your paint for example.

It’s flat finish.  That means there is no gloss on it.  There’s nothing wrong with flat finish, but if you were looking for a bit of shine to your new paint job, then semi-gloss or gloss paint is better.  You also notice that there is a blemish on the paint, and a bubble.  That’s because you didn’t prep the surface before you painted.  House painting involves a great many steps, and about 40% of them take place during the prep process.   Painting involves sanding and filling in voids.  It involves taping and using sheeting to protect areas of your home from paint damage.  And that’s just interior painting.  Exterior painting has it’s own challenges.

Exterior Painting and Its Many Pitfalls

Which color should you paint your home?  Well, a word of warning here.  Unless you’re living in an unincorporated neighborhood, or unless your neighborhood is older, odds are you belong to a homeowner’s association (HOA).  Love them or hate them, HOAs are a part of owning a home in a great many areas of the US.  Some are very restrictive in what you can and cannot do. Others are more laid back.  However, one thing that a great many of them have in common is they can dictate what color your home should be.

They usually give a range of colors and if you paint outside of that color spectrum, you could find yourself facing fines, and even a lien on your home if the fines go unpaid. So painting your home yellow, like that picture of a villa you saw in Portofino, might not be the greatest idea if your HOA doesn’t allow that color.  But even if you paint your home with the right color, if something goes wrong during the painting process, you could find yourself in trouble yet again.  That’s why hiring a professional painter is such a good idea.  He can keep you on the right side of your HOA and still give you a professional paint job.

So, be smart in how you save your money.  Hire a professional house painter in your area instead.

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