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There are several reasons to hire a professional painting contractor rather than trying to do it yourself.  One of them is staying on the right side of the law and your HOA.

A Local Painter Can Give Your Home a Fresh New Look | 866-802-0640
A Local Painter Can Give Your Home a Fresh New Look | 866-802-0640

Can Your HOA Sue You If You Paint Your Home the “Wrong” Color?

Can your HOA sue you if you paint tour home the wrong color? In a word, yes. 

As we covered in a previous article, if you live in a neighborhood that is governed by a Home Owner’s Associaton (HOA), there is probably a very narrow color palette that you can work with.  HOAs are often reviled for stamping out individuality and encouraging conformity, but in same cases they are fairly justified.  While you can paint the inside of your home any color or colors you wish, the outside of your home must conform to the standards of your HOA.  HOA’s usually use neutral colors such as tans, beiges, or different shades of white.  They also usually specify that your trim is one color and the rest of the exterior surfaces are another. For example, white trim with an adobe base color.  It makes a lot of sense if you think about it, and a professional painter will be able to help you stay in your HOA’s good graces, but it’s not just them that you have to worry about.

Many cities have ordinances on the book that address aesthetic concerns.  These so-called “eyesore” laws help to keep a city looking good.  But let’s say you’re feeling rebellious.  You have the right to freedom of expression.   You consider yourself an artist.  As such, you should be able to paint your home whatever color you choose.  So you do so.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You don’t live in an HOA.  For a while you skate by, but then you get a notice from your municipal government telling you that you have 30 days to correct a problem. You scan the notice and see the bullet point: paint color.”

How Hiring a Professional Painter Can Help You To Avoid this Problem

All of this could have been avoided.  By simply hiring a professional painting contractor, you can rest assured that he won’t let you get in trouble with the HOA or with your city.  Why?  Well, not only does he have an eye for color and shade, he might even have access to the authorized palette for your particular area or HOA.

So as you see, while it’s great to be an individual, it’s also great not to get into trouble with the law or your HOA.  So be smart.  Hire a licensed painter in your area to paint your home instead.

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